Saturday, 28 October 2017

Desensitation/Making things a little bit less scary...

When it came to hospital & GP visits, DS would be ultra cool about them.

He didn't mind these sorts of appointment visits at all and I would even go as far as to say that he would actually look forward to them! :D

It wasn't always like that though. It took a lot of forward thinking, work and lots of time to get to that stage but once we were at it then it was a breeze!

Unfortunately, since then DS has had to have two blood tests quite close together. He hated it and it was mega traumatic for him.

Ever since, he has developed mega anxiety to anything medical related; so that's GP surgeries, clinics, hospitals and even dentists.

I am gutted as I feel we have gone about 18 months to 2 years backwards :(

Of course, I will start again trying to build up his trust with these sorts of visits but with his fantastic memory of those nasty blood tests, then I worry that he may never be okay about visiting the GP again.

However, I really want to start working towards this as soon as possible.

I have taken DS to the odd GP appointment with me, just to observe that it's all fine.
He has been anxious about it but been okay.

Today I decided to move our own little desensitation programme on a little bit.
This involved us driving to our local hospital and having a drink in the coffee shop.

I told DS where we were going and he wanted reassurance from me that it would just be the coffee shop within the hospital that we were visiting. I reassured him of that and he walked in with me, though still a tad anxious.

DS sat beautifully though as we drank our drinks and he munched on his apple :)

I am so happy that he was more than fine with it.
I will repeat this coffee shop visit several times before moving it on to maybe having a little walk down one of the hospital corridors....

Baby steps is the key here but I am so pleased that today was a success.

I am so proud of how he copes with so much.

Have a great half term! :)

Love Amanda xx

Friday, 29 September 2017

Beach House ...

I have just got back from the most relaxing and chilled out break ever!

A month or so ago, I decided (with lots of encouragement from family and friends!) that I would take some time out for a few days and go off for a little break somewhere.

The plan was to recharge and recuperate as life has been mega hectic lately.
With the recent Summer holidays, prepping DS for going back to school into a new class and all the changes that brings and helping him settle in as well as taking him to after school activities it's all been busy, busy, busy!

I have felt my energy levels starting to deplete so a lovely few days away sounded perfect! :)

Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I headed to the Norfolk coast and stayed in this dreamy beach house! It was like something out of a romantic film!

We would step out of the house, onto the decking and then literally onto the beach! The beach, the calm of the sea and the waves all on our doorstep! We just couldn't believe how perfect it was! :)

So whilst DS was being looked after back at home by his Dad and his Nan, my boyfriend and I sat on the cutest little bench in the sand dunes and admired the view.

I didn't lift a finger in all the time we were there as boyfriend wouldn't let me. He would make me cups of tea, bring me breakfast in bed and would pour me glasses of Prosecco in the evening as we sat on the beach and watched the waves :) I nicknamed him my 'Man Slave' whilst we were there as he did so many lovely things for me :)

We walked along beaches (I love a pretty beach!) and explored the area. We we're soooo lucky with the weather as we had blue skies and sunny days in all the time we were there.
We also ate such yummy food and drank lovely wine - it was so perfect!

One day, I had a sneaky nap as I was that relaxed and chilled.

We got home today and I was in time to collect DS from school :) I felt so refreshed as a result but I had missed him terribly and couldn't wait to see him!!

I saw the moment that he spotted me waiting for him and I saw him smile :) He let me give him a little kiss and then we had some lovely snuggles later on at home - I think he was glad to see me :)

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xxx

Monday, 18 September 2017

Hello Autumn...

So. sorry that I have been quiet on here for a while.
I am still here and have been busy busy with the school Summer holidays.

DS is now back at school and is settling in well.
He went back last week into a new classroom, new staff, new teacher everything and he is managing this monumental change very well.

For many years, September would be pretty tough for us all.
Starting the new school year and the changes that would bring would just be far too much for him.
However, this year he has just been totally cool with it all as well as having a 'bring it on' attitude! :)
I couldn't be prouder!
So to celebrate him completing not only his first week of school but completing N.A.I.L.I.N.G I.T I thought that it was only right that we took him to his favourite local pub for tea with his family :)
The weather has definitely turned chillier.......I've been wearing chunky knits with fluffy socks.
My Summer sandals have been swapped for boots which can only mean one thing.
Summer has well and truly left us.

I will be pulling out my trusty slow cooker from the back of the cupboard this week and will be prepping and cooking lots of warm and hearty stews and casseroles.

Can't wait to see all the pretty Autumnal colours outside and go leave kicking with DS :)

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Does it poo...?

DS is going through a 'what poos and what doesn't poo' phase

Yeah I know :D

Over the last three to four weeks, our conversations have gone like this.....

DS: Fire alarm

Me: Fire alarm?

DS: Fire alarm poo?

Me: Noo, fire alarms do not poo

DS: Freddy the dog poo?

Me: Yes, Freddy the dog does poo

DS: Dr Keily poo?

Me: Yes, Dr Keily does poo

DS: Washing machine poo?

Me: No, washing machines do not poo.

DS: *Chuckles away*

It goes on and on and on and on........

He goes through all family members including cats, dogs, rabbits then he goes through everyone he knows in school including staff and children.....every doctor and dentist he's ever encountered and every fire alarm, washing machine and hand dryer he's ever seen.......

"Pub hand dryer poo"?

"No, hand dryers do not poo"

*more chuckles*

It's pretty funny really even though he does ask the same questions over and over again and I answer them like it's the first time hes asked me :)

We saw a new doctor at the hospital last week. As soon as we left her consulting room and I was clicking his seat belt in the car, he asked me if she pooed! :D
That was the start of the millions questions down the M62 of who/what pooed and who didn't! :)

I think I know where this poo obsession has come from.
DS has recently independently conquered an area of toileting that I suspected was a few years away yet, but as a boy full of pleasant surprises, he has only gone and blown me away yet again!

He now takes himself off to the toilet without needing any assistance at all - a big WOW! :)

I was going to go into a bit more detail about that but I have a gorgeous boy here asking me if Father Christmas poos?! ..........

Better dash as I have a feeling that I'm about to answer ALOT of questions on this.....again! ;)

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xx

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Half Term Success & Organisation Skills...

We have just had our half term and what an awesome half term it was! :)

We took off to sunny Blackpool for the week.

I have concluded that Blackpool for a child is just one big funfest and Blackpool for an adult is a likely hen/stag do location :) (we saw tons of hen and stag groups whilst we were there)

DS really enjoyed Blackpool, he even said the word 'Blackpool' whilst we were there which was fantastic! :)

During our stay, we were mindful to manage DS's sensory issues carefully.
He did superb though we mis-judged this a bit in Madame Tussauds where it was quite loud and flashing lights - he hated this so we moved swiftly throughout the rooms with a bit more speed than we would have done usually :)
DS asked for breaks often by requesting to go back to the 'holiday house'.
As we were staying only a 10 minute drive away, this was more than doable.
We would head back, have maybe half an hour to an hour break there then head out again.
This worked really well and I think the secret to our success is because of these regular breaks.
We followed DS's lead on this and allowed him to guide us to when he needed them. I think that the fact that he felt he was in control of this went a long way.

Surprisingly DS enjoyed going right to the top of Blackpool Tower. We went as far as you could go and admired the views from the very top.
I kept checking with him if he was okay to go higher and he was happy too so we just kept going up and up until we could go up no more - he was a star! :)

Another amazing part of half term was two of my special Mum friends coming for the day.
DS loves meeting up with people he knows and he has a special soft spot for one of my Mums.
It was a gorgeous day so we all walked over to the beach.
Next thing, DS starts running towards the sea ( I often call him half boy, half fish for his love for the water) for a paddle and to jump the waves. At the same time, my Mum friend starts running with him to play. So there they both are stood in the sea giggling and jumping waves together both soaked through!
It was so funny to watch and so heartwarming too!
You can see now why DS loves her can't you? She had to walk around for the rest of the day in wet clothes as well as drive home but she said she didn't care :D
It was a great day! :)

Another day, we had a little horse and cart ride which DS enjoyed. He was so relaxed and loved having a nosey around as we trotted through the little side roads :)
I remember doing this with my own parents and loving it so it brought lots of lovely memories back to me <3

It goes without saying that no break is complete without a visit to the local launderette ;) ;)
I am so flabbergasted at how the school year is nearly over! Where has it gone?!
DS finishes school for Summer in around 6 weeks time so I am well into organising activities and things for us to do.
It really does not seem like any time at all when I was talking about the Summer hols last year! Scary!

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xx

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dining from the Garden...

We are loving the Sunny weather here in our little corner of the world right now :)

DS is particularly loving it as it means lots of playtime in the garden which as the outdoor boy he is, then this is great! ;)

Another thing about the warmer weather arriving is my need to pretty the garden up a bit with some lovely bright and colourful pretty flowers.

I love adding a pop of colour to the garden with flowers and plants.

As DS likes to eat petals and leaves then I have to be extra cautious at the type of plants I buy.

Earlier this week, I popped down to my local garden centre and explained the situation to a experienced member of staff.
We spoke at length and she gave me some great ideas as well as what to avoid.

A few days later after doing lots of research of edible plants of flowers and of course the non-edible ones, I went back to the garden centre with my list of safe edible plants and flowers to buy.

I bought a nice selection and also decided on a little selection of herbs for him to munch on too.

I got them all home and popped them in the garden......typically he has not touched any of them! :D

It's still a Win Win situation though as I have safe plants for DS if he does choose to have a little taster session with them as well as some pretty flowers for the garden.

Hope you are enjoying the sunny days too :)

Love Amanda xx

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Easter Holidays...

Last week, we went back to the Thomas Centre in Lincolnshire.

I won't go into loads of detail about the centre, but you can read all about how fab it is here.

Last October, we took DS for a long weekend to the Thomas Centre to trial it.
He loved it so much that this time we booked a week's stay and it was just as successful! :)

It was a lovely family break with DS zooming around the place all with a happy smile on his face :)

We had quite a few 'WOW's on this holiday - the biggest was sitting beautifully in a country pub/restaurant one evening for tea.
One time, this would never have happened! Sitting there watching him whilst we all ate together and chatted was something that a few short years ago, I could never see happening....but it was happening!....right before my very eyes, too!

Once we had finished eating, he said 'pub nearly finished' which is his way of saying it's time to go, which I thought was fair enough especially after how truly amazing he had been!

Another plus was the weather.
The weather was glorious in Lincolnshire, we were really lucky.
I did try sneaking off a few times to a lovely suntrap I had found for a little sunbathe, but DS clocked me every single time and would take my hand to lead me to the play area or the soft play with him.

I think I need to work on my 'sneaking off' skills.....;)

DS was so excited to be there.
He was up early every morning asking for 'outside'.
I would brush his teeth and help him get dressed and we would be outside playing at 7.30am most days :D  He loved it! :)

One day we went on a little day trip to Skegness.
We played on the beach, found sand dunes, ate fish and chips by the sea and went on the funfair.
We had a ride on the Big Wheel, which DS enjoyed and we went on a Runaway Train  - he loved the speed on that one! :)

We also tried our luck on 'Hook a Duck'
DS hooked three ducks and won a Peppa Pig!
It was such a fantastic day! :)

We are now home and in the second week of the Easter holidays.
We have a few days planned out this week along with catching up with house and garden jobs in the meantime.

I have sorted out all DS's outgrown clothes, shoes and wellies and have listed them all on eBay.
It's been a great week and it really does feel like Spring at last! :)

Love Amanda xx